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Find What You Want for Less!

With a MyUSaddress, you can order directly from US manufacturers and retailers and benefit from lower costs on a wider selection of goods. From buying hockey pants for your children to ordering those hard-to-find antiques, makes your online shopping experience easy and profitable! It’s easy to get started with – sign up for your address for free, and start shopping online in the US, and use us as the most effective and cheapest way to ship to Canada from US.

Everything You Need to Manage Your Orders in One Place

From your account page, you can see all the information you need to ship and receive the purchases you make in the US, including:

  • Your US address
  • Important contact information
  • A package management dashboard that shows you what packages awaiting pick-up, as well as packages that you have already claimed.

It’s Easy to Ship Your Order

Once in your package management dashboard, you can see all the information you need to handle your orders. Track everything from the Carrier delivering your item to how long it has been in our Ogdensburg, NY warehouse. Combine multiple orders to save on shipping costs.

Finally, cross border shipping is as easy as selecting your product and clicking one button. Have your order ready for cross-border shipping in less than a minute.

Sign up here to get your free US address today.

Why Use a MyUSaddress?

MyUSaddress was built by Canadian customs brokerage experts for Canadian shoppers.
  1. Find great deals in the US
  2. take advantage of free shipping in the US and pick up items yourself
  3. Buy items you can’t find in Canada

60 Years of Customs Experience

MyUSaddress was built by Canadian customs brokerage experts for Canadian shoppers. was started by Canadian customs brokers for Canadian shoppers in order to help them save money. With over 60 years experience in getting product orders across the border, we have the experience to ensure you receive your goods without any  hassle.

Pick it Up or Push It North

Pick Up or Delivery - with MyUSaddress, it's your choice.

You have two choices when your order arrives at our Odgensburg, NY warehouse. You can come pick it up in person for $5 per box, or you can Push It North for as little as $29 plus duties. Remember to factor in the cost of your gas, bridge toll, and time spent traveling before deciding on one option or another.