MyUSAddress: USPS Alternative For US-Canada Shipping

Shipping to Canada from the U.S.

Many Canadians shop online, but when they buy items from US companies, the shipping experience isn’t always so straightforward; hence they end up needing the help of companies offering package forwarding US to Canada, such as MyUSAddress. MyUSAddress was established to make it easy for Canadians to buy and receive items from the US. This company allows Canadians to shop and ship their items to a remote address in the US, and then they can ask for their package to be forwarded to Canada. 

Why Canadians Buy Items from the US

Canadians love buying things from abroad, specifically the US, and there are many reasons why Canadians shop at US online stores.

Deals and discounts: competition among American companies is cutthroat, and businesses offer deals and discounts to avoid losing their edge.

Established brands: the US is home to numerous global brands. Also, these brands usually give discounts. Most Canadians want to take advantage of these deals.

Product variety: many US brands are large, and they provide buyers with numerous options, and Canadians can take advantage of this to buy precisely what they want.

Some US Retailers Don’t Ship to Canada

It can be frustrating to land on a website that offers quality products at amazing prices and yet you can’t buy because they don’t ship to Canada. Maybe the business only caters to the US domestic market. Or maybe they consider shipping things abroad to be uncertain, resource-intensive, and unpredictable. Whatever their reasons, Canadians have no chance to buy their products, and it can be inconvenient. But for the most part, US retailers partner with third-party shippers to cater to their Canadian market.

USPS for Canadians

Most US companies that fulfill Canadian orders usually partner with shipping services like the USPS. The USPS is a US company that facilitates items delivery. The USPS brings the package to customs, and upon clearance, the package is dispatched to the buyer. As you can see, the process is a bit complicated, and buyers can experience anxiety before their package arrives. Impersonal shippers like the USPS are not the best option for Canadians for the following reasons.

  • Limited control

 When your package is handled by the USPS, they place it at the customs, and from that point, some aspects of confusion can set in. It can make you feel powerless.

  • Limited courier selection

Once the package is cleared, it’s delivered to the customer, usually via Canada Post. But Canada Post isn’t always dependable, and customers wish to have more options.

  • Frustration:

Waiting on a single package from the USPS can be mentally taxing, but what if you bought numerous items from different retailers in the US? It would have you looking at many places at once, and it would frustrate you.

MyUSAddress: Quality US-Canada Shipping

MyUSAddress was designed to make shopping at US online stores a stress-free experience. This service grants you certainty, control, and efficiency.

When you sign up, you receive a US address at no cost. You are only charged for package reception and shipping.

This service allows you to buy items from US retailers and have your items shipped to your US address. Upon arrival, you receive a notification, and then you can request the items to be shipped to Canada.

Depending on your instructions, you can collect your items from their warehouse in Canada, or they can use a reliable courier service to bring your items to your residence.

Benefits Of MyUSAddress

Many people are using this service to buy things from the USA and have them shipped to Canada. The following are some of the reasons why people are so drawn to MyUSAddress.

1. Canadian customs experience

The company is highly experienced in terms of navigating customs. Most packages experience delays because of faults of commission or omission. Some of the usual causes of delay include inadequate documents, wrong shipping terms, and non-compliance. When your package is handled by MyUSAddress, you are in good hands. The company has decades of experience in navigating customs.

2. Communication and control

One of the problems associated with US-based shipping companies is that they dump your package at customs and leave you at the mercy of unpredictable systems. By using MyUSAddress, your package is first shipped to your US address, and you can instruct them to ship it to Canada. They have excellent tracking, and this ensures that you’re not anxious or in confusion. Depending on your directives, you can collect your package at their offices, or have it brought to your place by a reliable courier company.

3. Reliable services

If you’re dealing with traditional shipping companies, there’s a high risk of experiencing delays. But MyUSAddress is tailored for Canadians, and it leverages its experience to ensure that the entire process is smooth. The company is trusted and highly rated.

4. Free storage

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes, a customer may not have the resources to collect their package right away. Or they may not need to use their items yet and thus delay collecting. MyUSAddress doesn’t punish customers for delayed collecting. They provide free storage for up to one year.

How MyUSAddress Is Helping People for Shipping to Canada from the U.S

Online businesses have changed the rules of trading. As a buyer, you’re not limited to items that are available just within your area. You can log on to the net and look around for a better deal. Maybe you’ll spot deals and discounts on the same product abroad. What to do?

MyUSAddress makes it easy for Canadians to take advantage of the deals and discounts offered by American businesses on various products and yet have their packages shipped to them reliably. This service doesn’t charge you for the US address, and they give you control. If you’re looking to shop at a US online store, and conveniently receive your package in Canada, you can sign up today at


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