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COVID-19 Update: Pickups at Prescott and Ogdensburg Locations Temporarily Closed

Due to the recent decision by both the US and Canadian Governments to close the border to non-essential travel, pickups from our Ogdensburg NY & Prescott ON MyUSaddress.ca locations will be suspended until further notice.

At this time we are still able to process Push It North requests to have us customs clear and ship your goods to your door, but please expect delays in processing time due to increased volume.

Thank you for your understanding.


Partner with MyUSaddress.ca by encouraging Canadian shoppers to establish a US address.
Instead of dealing with the complexities of selling to Canadian residents, have your customers set up a US address with MyUSaddress.ca.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your customer clicks on a MyUSaddress link to banner ad
  • This link directs the customer to a new window where they can quickly obtain a free US address
  • Customer shops at your online store
  • Goods are shipped to their new US address
  • MyUSaddress ships the items directly to customer in Canada

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