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COVID-19 Update: Pickups at Prescott and Ogdensburg Locations Temporarily Closed

Due to the recent decision by both the US and Canadian Governments to close the border to non-essential travel, pickups from our Ogdensburg NY & Prescott ON MyUSaddress.ca locations will be suspended until further notice.

At this time we are still able to process Push It North requests to have us customs clear and ship your goods to your door, but please expect delays in processing time due to increased volume.

Thank you for your understanding.

Using a US Mailing Address to Save on Your Online Purchases

Have you ever looked at the price difference between goods in Canada and identical items in the US? If not then you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity to save money on overpriced goods. MyUSaddress.ca can help get you started.

MyUSaddress.ca is dedicated to helping Canadians save money. Whether you’re shopping online to find a better deal or to find an item not available in Canada, MyUSaddress has you covered with reliable and affordable cross-border shipping and pick-up services. Getting started is easy and the benefits of cross-border shopping with MyUSaddress.ca speak for themselves!

Step 1: Sign Up for a US Mailing Address

The first step to help Canadians save when they shop online is registering for a US mailing address using our service. The process only takes a minute or two and at the end you will receive an address that looks like this:

John Smith
808 Commerce Park Drive, Unit 123
Ogdensburg, NY, 13669-2208, USA

The goods are sent to Ogdensburg, NY because that’s where our warehouse is located. You are essentially getting your own spot in our facility to which you can send your purchases.

Step 2: Use Your US Mailing Address When Making Purchases

In order to take advantage of American prices, you have to ship to a location in the US. In fact, many of the websites with the best deals won’t even ship to Canada. But using our US mail address system, you can have your goods shipped to our warehouse and have them held there until you’re ready to pick them up, or have them shipped to your location in Canada.

Step 3: Receive Your Goods at Your US Mailing Address

You can receive your goods in one of two ways: picking them up, or using our Push It NorthSM system. Every US mail address account includes an order management dashboard that you can use to track your orders and ship them to Canada with the click of a button.

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