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COVID-19 Update: Pickups at Prescott and Ogdensburg Locations Temporarily Closed

Due to the recent decision by both the US and Canadian Governments to close the border to non-essential travel, pickups from our Ogdensburg NY & Prescott ON MyUSaddress.ca locations will be suspended until further notice.

At this time we are still able to process Push It North requests to have us customs clear and ship your goods to your door, but please expect delays in processing time due to increased volume.

Thank you for your understanding.

About MyUSaddress.ca

MyUSaddress.ca helps online shoppers save money by taking advantage of cross-border shopping without having to go to the US. We’re owned and operated by Strader-Ferris International (SFI) – a customs broker and freight forwarder that has served Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec since 1953. With over 60 years experience helping business owners clear their goods at the border, SFI is uniquely qualified to help deliver exceptional online shopping experiences.

What is MyUSaddress.ca?

MyUSaddress.ca provides a physical U.S. shipping address for users to receive goods at when shopping online. Users can then arrange for myUSaddress to customs clear and deliver their goods right to their door in Canada, or make their own PICK UPS in Ogdensburg, New York. It’s 100% free to sign up, with no commitments and no surprise charges. To find out more about how it works, click here.

How MyUSaddress.ca can Help You

There are a lot of ways to save when you shop online–one of them is to buy your goods in the US, using a US address. This allows you to take advantage of the massive cross-border price differences. 

How to Sign Up for a US Address

Interested in signing up for an American address? Click here and you’ll be on your way to big savings in minutes.

Built by Canadians, For Canadian Shoppers

Three Generations of Customs Experience

Owned and operated by Strader-Ferris International, we are guided by three generations of Canadian customs knowledge. This means we can clear your products quickly and for minimal cost.

Avoid Line-Ups, Hassle and Lost Orders

Our pick-up centre in Ogdensburg, NY is built specifically for cross-border shoppers.. Combining the latest in order-tracking technology, a modern and spacious customer service area and efficient service processes, you’ll be out with your order before you know it.

365 Days of Free Storage

Just because you found a great deal on an order, doesn’t mean you need it right away. We’re pleased to hold onto your items for up to a full year for free! It’s the best Christmas gift hiding spot you can find!

Quick Pick-Up and Delivery

Whether you’re picking up your order in person at our Ogdensburg, NY warehouse, or having it delivered to your front door with our Push It North service, you can count on a quick service experience.

Total Order Tracking

Our warehouses are fully integrated with state-of-the-art order tracking technology. From your MyUSaddress.ca account, you can easily see your order status, how long it has been in our warehouse as well as when it was picked up for delivery.

Instant Order Notifications

Choose from two convenient contact options: email or text message. As soon as your item is in our system, we’ll let you know by whatever method you prefer. Simply place your online order and forget about it, we’ll remind you once it’s ready for pick-up or delivery.

Low-Cost International Shipping

You can send orders to your address in Canada for as little as $29. Or, if you prefer, you can pick up your items in Ogdensburg for only $5 a box.

What Makes MyUSAddress.ca Different?
Free US address
60 years customs experience
Low-cost cross-border shipping
365 days of free storage
Complete order tracking from your customer dashboard
Easy to use and manage
Canadian-owned and operated
Instant notifications on order status