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US Debit Cards for Canadians

A number of the major Canadian banks now offer debit cards aimed specifically at cross-border shoppers. These cards help in a number of ways, including:

  • Eliminating the need for traveller’s cheques
  • Reducing the amount of cash you need to carry
  • Providing predictable exchange rates on American currency

Getting a US debit card has never been easier! Just call your local bank branch or make an appointment and they will set up your account to make cross-border transactions!

A US debit card is a great, safe alternative to using credit cards or carrying cash. A personalized pin number is given to you when you sign up and you can swipe it anywhere you go in the US. No cash, no interest, no hassle.

Want to learn more about how Canadians can take advantage of a US debit card? Click on one of the links below, contact your local bank branch and get shopping!

The NYCE Network

The NYCE Network is similar to Interac, only American. It’s a payment processing and ATM network used by both retailers and online merchants. Three of the “Big Five” Canadian banks offer some sort of US debit card for Canadians. All of them use the NYCE network to allow you to shop in the US with your debit card.

NYCE allows you access to:

  • 444,500 ATMs
  • 2 million retail stores
  • Shopping at Amazon
  • Shopping at other online merchants

Unsure about whether or not your Canadian bank offers benefits of the NYCE Network? Call them and find out! Whether you’re shopping online or travelling across the border, a cross-border debit card can really help you save even more.

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