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Better U.S. Prices? Not available in Canada? Won't ship to Canada? Get a FREE U.S. shipping address


Easy Shipping and Storage for Canadians

Canadian cross-border shopping represents over $15 billion worth of spending every year. Unfortunately, not all US retailers ship to Canada. Given the strong Canadian dollar, this is a great opportunity for online shoppers to save a lot of money. And MyUSaddress.ca can help get you on your way.

We offer online shoppers an easy way to shop in the US and ship to Canada. With just a few clicks, you can set-up an American address to use while shopping online. You can then choose whether to come pick up, or ship your goods. The choice is yours and how you receive your goods is entirely in your control.

Check out why MyUSaddress.ca is the best way to buy in the US and ship to Canada.

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365 Days of Free Storage when you Ship to Canada

See a good deal on a gift for your partner or your kids? We have the perfect place to hide your purchase – our safe and secure warehouse in Ogdensburg, NY. No one will ever think to look there! MyUSaddress.ca will hold on to your packages for free for up to 365 days. After that, we charge a nominal fee of $1 per day per package.

Easy Pick-Up or Delivery Options

Whether you live near our warehouse in Ogdensburg, NY or a little further away, we offer hassle-free ways to receive your goods. Are you sick of the long line-ups at other pick-up locations? Our modern warehouse offers a spacious and efficient storefront where you can be in and out with your goods in no time. Rather not deal with the border crossing? Don’t worry – we make it easy to ship to Canada with our Push-it-NorthSM service.

Track Your Order from Anywhere

Once you’ve signed up to MyUSaddress.ca, you’re given a personal order management dashboard where you can track the orders you have in our warehouse. From here you can also have goods delivered to your Canadian address for as little as $29 for four packages, including bridge fees!