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Push It NorthSM – Parcel Forwarding to Canada

Don’t feel like crossing the border to pick up your goods? Don’t have a passport? No problem! Use our Push It North service and get your packages forwarded to our Prescott, Ontario location for a border-free pickup. Or have us forward your packages directly to your home or business. The choice is yours.

With the MyUSaddress.ca Push It North, Canadian shoppers can take advantage of great cross-border shopping deals and have items shipped right to their doors! MyUSaddress.ca wants to help Canadians save money on shopping and give them equal access to quality products sold only in the US.

An Exclusive Parcel Forwarding Service for MyUSaddress.ca Customers

MyUSaddress.ca offers an exclusive Push It North service to make parcel forwarding from the US easy.

Here’s how it works:

  • Shop online and ship to your FREE US address located in Ogdensburg, NY, USA
  • Once notified that your package has arrived in Ogdensburg, NY, log into your account and click to Push It North
  • We clear and transport your package to our Prescott, Ontario, Canada warehouse for processing within 3 business days
  • Depending on your Push It North instructions, your goods can either be picked up in Prescott or forwarded directly to your front door using the most affordable carrier option available

Unrivaled Experience in Parcel Forwarding to Canada

With over 60 years experience in helping Canadian businesses ship their goods across the US border, the brokers at MyUSaddress.ca offer online shoppers unrivaled experience and expertise in parcel forwarding to Canada.

Leveraging our electronic customs-clearance network, our experienced experts can take advantage of the latest customs release initiatives. They will also review your goods to make sure they comply with product-specific regulations so you can rest easy knowing everything is “above board.”

Affordable Package Forwarding from the US to Canada

Push It North customs clearance fees are currently only $29 plus the cost of duty for your items.

We ship directly to your location from our Prescott, ON warehouse. Unless otherwise specified, we arrange for shipping in Canada through the most economical carrier available. You can save on shipping fees by having multiple packages shipped at once from the same retailer!

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Some items, such as furniture, cannot be forwarded by Push It North service. Please contact us in advance about any item over standard courier weight and size limits, or subject to special handling requirements, before your purchase.