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Better U.S. Prices? Not available in Canada? Won't ship to Canada? Get a FREE U.S. shipping address


Why Get a US Address?

MyUSaddress.ca offers more than just a free American address to Canadian shoppers. We provide secure storage and fast pickup and delivery services, making it easy for you to shop online in the US and save money. All you have to do is register online and start shopping. We take care of the rest.

You’ll enjoy massive savings on the goods you use the most and hassle free shipping and receiving. When your goods arrive at your new US address in Ogdensburg, New York, we’ll send you notification by email or text, whatever you prefer.

From Your US Address to Your Front Door

Unlike most US address services out there, MyUSaddress.ca is owned and operated by Canadian customs brokers with over 60-years experience moving goods across the border. While you can come and pick up your goods at our warehouse in Ogdensburg, you can also have them shipped directly to your front door.

It’s easy. Using our Push-it-North service, you can receive your goods for as little as $29 an order.

Easy to Buy, Easy to Receive

It’s never been easier to find outstanding savings online. More and more American businesses are going online every year, which makes it more likely that you’ll find awesome deals when you search.

Your MyUSaddress.ca account is the first step towards helping you purchase more with less. Read more about how it works, or sign up for a new American address right away.